SSA chorus, SA soloists plus bass solo and tenor solo.
Scored for five musicians: violin, string bass, accordion,
bodhrán (Irish frame drum) and flute doubling on tin whistle.
Two excerpts from the opera have been published as separate treble scores: "On The Horizon" and "Worth Fighting For".
Both can be found on the compositions page for Treble: Unison and Two-Part.
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Shallaway's world premiere of Ann and Séamus - A Chamber Opera, Music & Libretto by Stephen Hatfield, Producer & Music Direction by Susan Knight, Stage Direction & Production Design by Jillian Keiley, Lighting Design by Robert Gauthier, Costume Design by Melanie Mooney and Fionnuala McMahon.

Performed by Shallaway: Newfoundland and Labrador Youth in Chorus.
Featuring Andrew Dale as Séamus Ryan and Robert Colbourne as Father George Harvey.

Stephen Hatfield's thoughts on Ann & Séamus

Photo by Chris Nicholas
Andrew Dale, who created the role of Séamus Ryan, with Kathleen Allan (left) and Allison Nicholas (right), who created the role of Ann Harvey.

A drawing by Allison Nicholas of Ann and Séamus: together, yet apart.

Unless otherwise indicated, the following frame stills are
courtesy of Rink Rat Productions and Cine Metu from the documentary,
"To Think Like A Composer."

"I'll be waiting, I'll be waiting for you."
Photo by Justin Hall

Photo by Justin Hall

Early morning at Isle aux Morts, Newfoundland: "It's the cod, it's the cod that we guts and splits abroad."

Ann has a premonition: "Look at the fire on the horizon."

On the Derry docks: "I learned to work, I learned to fight!"

Crossing the Atlantic: "The horizon never changes."

Rescue from the reef: "A boat! My God, they see us!"
Photo by Justin Hall

In praise of Ann: "No Sampson could do what our rescuer can!"

The lovers part: "You're going to forget me!" "Oh never, darlin' Séamus."
(NB: This audio file consists of two different passages joined together.)