Ordering from Boosey & Hawkes

If you wish to order those pieces published by Boosey & Hawkes, the following information may be of use to you:

  1. The central office for Boosey & Hawkes is in London, England, so when you order music through the Boosey website it is London that receives your request. Since the major stockpiles of my scores are in New York City, not London, if you order my music through the website you will likely be told that the piece is on back order (some people have said they've even been told the piece is out of print) because the London office has to order the music from New York City. You then have to wait while the music is shipped from North America to England, and then back to North America. If you live in North America it will usually be much faster to order the music through a North American store.

  2. Although my music is published by Boosey & Hawkes it is distributed by the Hal Leonard Corporation in the following countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.S.A. The ISMN numbers (what I’ve called "Publishers' Codes" on this website) associated with Boosey & Hawkes can be found on this website on the page called "Publisher's Codes". These codes have changed slightly in recent years. Whereas they once began with the prefix "M-051", they now begin with "979-0". This means if you have an old copy of one of my Boosey scores, the ISMN number on it will no longer be valid for re-ordering that score.

  3. If you are ordering from Canada, Australia, New Zealand or the U.S.A. it is still possible to get results using the ISMN number that links the score with Boosey, but it will be more efficient to use the codes associated with the distributor, Hal Leonard. Originally I planned to have both sets of codes included on this website, for both Boosey and Hal Leonard. However, it turned out to be less complicated to keep a single set of Boosey codes on my website and then to direct people to the Hal Leonard website for the others.

    • Go to www.halleonard.com
    • Type "Hatfield" into the Quick Search field in the upper left.
    • Click on that title. You’ll see an entry with various numbers listed.
    • The inventory number for Hal Leonard will begin with HL 480.

Getting Higher Choir, Victoria, B.C.
The Getting Higher Choir from Victoria, B.C. whose methods are followed by community choirs from all over. Director Shivon Robinsong is in front of the choir and co-director Denis Donnelly (who also arranges much of their music) is standing by the piano.