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Flamenco dancer Cory Carile joins the wonderful Hamilton Children's Choir in Überlebensgross, directed by Zimfira Poloz.

A Living Child
(SSATBB, a cappella)

Commissioned by the Hot Earth Ensemble (great name!) for Muses & Minstrels: A Festival of Early Performing Arts (A Cupids 400 Marquis Event). The clue to it all is in that final phrase a festival for the 400th anniversary of the 1610 founding of Cupids in Newfoundland. This was Britain’s first attempt at a colony in the "New World", and the place where the first British "North American" was born. It was a different time then, when savage quotation marks lurked everywhere, ready to surround you and choke the life out of you. My text follows the true story: how, led by John Guy, the settlers were spoiled by an unusually mild first winter that left them unprepared for the howler that followed, how they couldn't grow enough grain to keep their animals alive, how they couldn't hold on to their colony, but how they did see the symbolic birth of that first child. Since the piece was for a Festival of Early Performing Arts, I began it with a pes between two low voices, a fine old tradition. Vocal lines modeled on the old fiddle tune "Wee Weaver" turn into the texture of a madrigal and then weave back. The soundfile is from the premiere, sung by Innismara and recorded by the CBC.

Gloria from Missa Primavera
SATB (divisi) a cappella

In 2016 the "Gloria" from Missa Primavera will be available in a separate octavo. Unlike the other movements of the Missa, the "Gloria" requires neither soloists nor antiphonal choir. There is some simple divisi which does not prevent the piece from staying well within the "choral comfort zone". For more information, look for Missa Primavera on the SATB compositions page.

A photo session with the stars of Ann & Séamus: Andrew Dale, Kathleen Allan, and on the far right Alison Nicholas. Photos by Chris Nicholas.